IBXExTrees lib

IBXExTrees lib 5.5

IBXExTrees Library - components for work withInterBase/FireBird/Yaffil...

IBXExTrees Library - components for work withInterBase/FireBird/Yaffil databaseswith use IBX data access components. Library contains following visible components:=========== OneTable Trees ===========1.

TIBXExTreeView - DBTreeView component. Nodes of Tree load from database after expand parents. Supports:- Simple/CheckBox/RadioGroup mode- Internal Locate/sort dialogs and internal Popup menu for general edit operations- Filtering nodes- Custom sorting nodes in any order- Easy replacing imageindex and stateindex- Full Dragamp;Drop operation on tree/treelist and between trees/treelists- Using additional custom fields- Designtime metadata creatorIn CheckBox/RadioGroup mode, check states of nodes stores in special checklist in memory.

2. TIBXExTreeColumnList ? DBTreeView component with columns. 3. TIBXExTreeList ? DBListView component. 4. TIBXExTreeComboBox ? DBTreeComboBox component.

5. TimageComboBox ? may be uses for edit ImageIndex/stateindex of nodes. ======== MultyTable Dinamic Trees =========1 TIBXExDynTreeView - DBTreeView component.

2 TIBXExDynTreeColumnList ? DBTreeView component with columns. 3 TIBXExDynTreeList ? DBListView component. 4 TIBXExDynTreeComboBox ? DBTreeComboBox component.